Study Skills

Improving study skills can revolutionise the learning process. Students often focus on what they are required to learn, instead of considering how best to approach course content. Yet understanding how to learn is essential, especially in the context of Higher Education, since a great deal of learning takes place independently.

Therefore, developing efficient study skills is vital to achieve success on any course, as these skills can help overcome challenges experienced during study, improve performance and help develop motivation. In addition, they can improve confidence and enable students to manage their own learning.

Time management

Research strategies

Reading and reading comprehension

Taking and making notes

Developing a research question


Analysing essay titles


Critical thinking

Essay planning and writing

Academic writing styles

Editing and proof reading

Presentation skills

Memorisation techniques

Revision strategies

In addition, Anna offers music specific learning support and study skills, providing support to musicians studying at conservatoire level, taking graded exams or playing purely for enjoyment. She has extensive experience in supporting neurodiverse musicians.

Anna offers learning strategies in the following areas: 


Learning, reading and sight-reading music


(written music, chord changes, lyrics)

Developing rhythm and pulse


Music theory


Aural skills


Practice strategies


Writing programme notes